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Change of Address

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

It's a well known statistic that the 5 most stressful life events are:

• Death of a loved one

• Divorce

• Moving

• Major illness or injury

• Job loss

Needless to say, any of these life events can shake up your life and cause some uncertainty.

To some extent, I've always felt like I had a pretty good handle on life.

Like, I was relatively in control.

Over the years, I managed to graduate college, land an awesome job, love my home, healthy, happy kids...

Not much to worry about.

So, why in the world did I decide to shake all that up by MOVING?!

You know that saying: "We make plans and God laughs?"

Well........................story of MY LIFE apparently!

Running from complacency, I've been stretching outside my comfort zone in a lot of areas.

One in particular: My Career.

And the truth is...I don't really know how it's gonna play out but I guess I never had all the answers before when everything seemed easy either.

Playing it "safe" (or complacent) was bit of a false security for me.

If I've learned anything lately - walking by faith is done on purpose.

I'm not sure anyone can walk by faith on accident. It's definitely not the easier route.

But what the heck, here we go. I’M IN.

After an #inspiredthought turned into thoughtful consideration into serious planning into knees on the floor prayer into seeking wise counsel into months of deliberation into confirmation into here goes nothing #ACTION...

I decided to sell my house.

The logistical process itself wasn’t hard.

Probably because I had the best, most professional, angelic soul of a #realtor on my side. #favor (More about her later)

March 1: I’m selling

My house went on the market in November, 2018.

It went under contract.

Contract fell through.

It went under contract again.

Today, my house is packed away in boxes.

To me, a house is just a house. Four walls.

Moving from one house to another doesn’t change our lives all that much.

Moving is no. big. deal.

So I told myself…

But the closer I got to the closing table, the more I felt like I was leaving something behind.

I look around these walls at the life we’ve made over the years.

It’s been a good house.

We made it a home.

We made some sweet memories that will stay with me forever.

It's the memories made after my divorce that I'm going to miss the most.

When my ex was gone, the risk and threat and strife left with him.

Suddenly, the house was peaceful again.

It was safe.

I put my life back together in that house.

God pulled me out of the trenches and put me back together in that house.

The truth is…me and the kids can make memories anywhere.

The dance parties wont stop.

The pancakes on Saturday mornings wont stop.

The cuddles won’t stop.

Our love wont change due to a #changeofaddress.

But maybe our perspectives will be broadened once again.

(Just when ya think ya know everything!)

So, now we wait and see what the next season holds!

March 19: Closing day!

One of the things that "sold" the buyers on my house was the prayer closet.

I was so excited to meet them when I heard that.

The closing was filled with laughter and good vibes.

The first thing the buyer said when she saw me was: “My war room girl!”

(FYI: The prayer closet thing was inspired by the movie War Room)

I asked her what it was about the prayer closet that spoke to her so much.

I wondered what words resonated with her.

She said it was more of an overwhelming feeling she got inside the room.

She said it was a feeling of “Love and Hope and Peace.”

She teared up and I told her NOT to get me started!!

We closed, said goodbye and afterwards my realtor had a little closing gift waiting for me.

These earrings.

"Go with the waves."

Ever so fitting!

March 20: MOVING DAY!

The movers worked for 12+ hours on moving day.

They went above and beyond uninstalling and reinstalling chandeliers.

Disassembling and reassembling a trampoline.

They worked their butts off!

By the end of the night, everyone was exhausted.

But there was still room for a sweet surprise.

As the movers were heading out, they asked to bless the house.

We all gathered around the table and held hands as the leader prayed over me and the house. He prayed over the memories to be made and to the #nextchapter.

March 21: Getting settled

You know that "butterflies" feeling?

That rush that comes when you’re about to step outside of your comfort zone.

Not fight or flight fear - excitement fear!

When you’re nervous to do something but you say – F*** it and YOU JUST ACT ON IT.

You sign the dotted line.

You book the ticket.

You hit send.

And then you close your eyes and turn the music up REAL LOUD and jam out.

It's like you know you're walking into unknown territory and it's scary but peace outweighs it.

That’s how I feel today.

And it’s becoming one of my favorite feelings: Surprising myself.

Doing what scares me. It’s so liberating. #liberate #dowhatscaresyou

Who knew a change of address could cause such a change of heart?!

So I move full steam ahead into my new home and my new life.

Bringing only what sparks joy with me!

So, now I'm in the house. It's furnished, functioning and lovely.

The light shines through the windows.

Candles & country on blast.

The house is cozy and ready for family snuggles and movie nights.

It’s a new beginning.

It springs forth now.

& The rest of our story is a blank piece of paper.

And God’s the writer.


I walk into a new life knowing that Robert Browning was right:

“The Best is Yet to Be.”

Now…back to my realtor.

And my Woman Crush Everyday. #wce

LAURA HOLBERT (And her hubby, Trevor Holbert)

Here’s the funny part:

I know thousands of realtors.


And not wanting to show favoritism, I purposely chose someone I respected but didn’t have a relationship with.

And of course, God knew something I didn’t.

All I can say is…

God knew I needed her.

I didn’t just need a realtor.

I needed THIS realtor.

She’s been more than a realtor throughout this process.

She’s been a listening ear.

A comforting word.

A calmness to my anxious soul at (many) times.

An expert advisor.

Her professionalism created a foundation of trust that put me at ease from day one.

Side note: I realize that if you’re not saturated in the real estate industry like I have been…you may not understand the value/benefit of hiring a PROFESSIONAL REALTOR. Trust me. It’s important. Get references. Ask me for a list. Same goes for your lender. Trust the referrals you get from the experts you’re working with. They know a lot that you may not. A lot. Okay, #endrant.


Not only is she cute as a button & fun to work with but she works hard!

She and her husband, Trevor, have created this “Chip and Joanna style” duo dynamic that is so fun to be around. They have great taste and different areas of expertise. Between the two of them, there’s a solution to everything.

My favorite thing about her is that I felt this kindred connection to her “walk by faith” spirit.

A similarity in her entrepreneurial mindset.

I trusted her wisdom and advice because she had already taken an entrepreneurial leap herself.

It’s evident that she’s confident in her dreams because she trusts the one who planted them.

She believes in herself.

With the specific goals of my home sale and my business in my mind, she was exactly the voice I needed throughout this process.

Her eyes were fixed on the goal we had decided on from the beginning.

When I was nervous, she was steadfast.

Like I said, God knew I need THIS realtor.

She played a special role not just in my home selling experience, but in my healing experience.

Her heart for real estate is more than a transaction.

It’s about her gifts meeting the needs of another.

www.liveinyourwheelhouse.comis her STUNNING blog site that reflects her passion.

I can’t vouch for, recommend, lift up, shout from the rooftops LOUD ENOUGH how fabulous she has been to partner with on one of the most challenging, exciting, nerve wracking experiences of my life.

Laura & Trevor Holbert



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