Dining Room and Kitchen Interior

It's your life,
edit often. 

Let's be honest: Life can be Messy. I'm a single mom with 2 businesses & a full schedule! I'm always on the go with coffee in hand & am still learning the art of purpose over busy. Some days I have it all "together" cooking 5 course meals & concocting my own cleaning supplies. Other days, ice cream is a food group & my kids raise themselves. We're a work in progress over here! And that's what Villa Haven is all about. This is a safe place to discover your purpose & take baby steps of faith even when we're not really sure where they will lead. This is a place to laugh through the curveballs, apply the lessons & celebrate the wins because light shines beautifully through broken cracks. So, whatever today brings - good reports, two pink lines, job changes, heartbreak, small victories, first kisses, ugly cries & all the in between, I hope Villa Haven is a place that inspires you on the next page of your story.